Until it happens to you,
I dont need your sympathy.
I do not wish this pain upon
anyone not even my worst enemy.
But it could happen,
dont think it wont.
If it doesnt, consider yourself
Navy Brat est; '94
Angel Mom; 050113
Fiance; 070509
Proud Daughter of;
Alfredo D. Biay.
& Soon to be a GED grad.
Atlantic Bch, FL
Gautier, MS.
I am a warrior & Survivor.

Just another day.

My birthdays always have something to ruin it. Regardless. I’m so used to it but I hope every year it changes. But it never does. So here I am, in another hear on the same day as last year and its shitty. But at least I got to make commission sales today.  I love my second job.